About MonkeyBox Technologies.

Appalachia Represent!

Jonathan Blackburn, the owner of MonkeyBox Technologies, was born and raised in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. Influenced by a program during Saturday morning cartoons, he developed a love of computers at a young age. He taught himself to code BASIC at age 9 - with a Commodore 64™ - in the mid-1980s and decided that was what he wanted his career to be.

He attended college at Morehead State University, when the Internet was something brand new. He once again started self-teaching and learned HTML and began experimenting with web design and development. Later, he went on to attend the University of Kentucky where he started working as an Information Systems Technician while continuing his education.

After his time at the Unversity, he went on to start working full time in software development. In 2013 he formed MonkeyBox Technologies so he could provide development services for hire, as well as pursue his most recent self-teaching endeavors -- devloping software for mobile devices. Shortly thereafter he started building a focus on mobile devices and the Azure cloud platform, to extend upon a strong background in both web and desktop based .NET, C++, Java, and more.

Registered on 2/7/2013 with the Kentucky Secretary of State. Monkeybox is a Limited Liability Corporation. It is still very much a side-business for Mr. Blackburn as he continues to work full-time in the industry as well. When it began, MonkeyBox was part of an incubator program from Microsoft called BizSpark. The company is also a member of the Apple Developer Program. With a continuing focus on cross platform custom software for the web, for wearable, and for mobile devices.