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We are not all the same

Depending on your given field, quality software may be hard to find. Software that does exactly what you need is even harder to find. While sometimes it is easier (and more cost effective) to adjust your business to fit your software, it should never have to be that way. The software should meet your needs, not the other way around. MonkeyBox Technologies can develop the solution you need for your business. With a vast array of experience and insight, this little company can deliver big time results.

Whether you need a web based application that either you, or your customers, can access -- any time day or night; an application that runs on your network sharing data between the computers, or back to a server; a mobile application so you can meet the demands of your business schedule anywhere / anytime; or some combination of options packaged up into a unified enterprise system; MonkeyBox can provide the software to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


Software Design and Development
Our "bread n' butter" at MonkeyBox is designing and developing great software. Regardless of the size of the project, the target audience, or the target platform; better, more efficient software, is the house specialty.
Analysis and Consulting Services
Helping you make the best decisions for how to leverage modern technology for your business. Through analysis of your business and processes, together we can work to define and overcome your technology obstacles.
Responsive CSS Conversion
Conversion of an existing website to make use of responsive technology, allowing for a view that is friendly to both mobile and desktop browsers allowing them to share the same code and content.
Web Design
From the ground up, MonkeyBox can design and build a quality web presence for your organization that will keep your customers engaged in your business.

Software Development Processes

MonkeyBox Technologies uses an agile iterative development process. This is beneficial to you because we can release parts of your application while other parts are still in development, or as new features are being added. The value is simple, you get to make use of this new investment sooner. For MonkeyBox the value is in getting feedback quick. So, anything you may not love about the delivered product can be corrected before more layers of software logic are piled on top of them.


Processes Analysis

Before the ink is dry on our agreement, work will have already began, in several ways. Discussing your business needs and processes to realize the full extent of the software you need and want for your organization. Working with the individuals in the trenches, to find out how the software will be put it to use, and the pain points in any current system (software or paper based). MonkeyBox wants to make your software one that does everything you need, and in a way that your users will love.


Once a particular part of the system is understood, and it's touch points with other pieces of the system are identified, then development can begin. The concept of iterative development is that a feature or set of features is fully developed over a certain amount of time. This way you can use some of the features of your new software while other features are still being created.


Testing is something that is baked into the process. Testing is done at various stages in the software development process. Unit tests are created, in many cases ahead of the code in a method known as Test Driven Development. Additional tests are performed to ensure that beyond meeting the needs the software is prepared to handle unexpected scenarios. Finally once a development phase is complete, the resulting code is also tested for integration with any existing pieces from previous cycles, as well as verifying systems integration with external data providers or components.


Once MonkeyBox has determined the development process is complete and "fit to be seen" a demonstration is held for you, the client. This demo will cover every piece of functionality that can be shown off in an effective manner... We won't bore you by showing code, only functioning software.


Once a feature is demonstrated it can be released upon approval. This is the final stage of our process. At this point the users will finally get to start doing their thing with the new software. Any issues or enhancements will be tracked and addressed with you, the client. The goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the software and services provided.

Learn More

If you are not already convinced, then check out the portfolio to learn about solutions provided to some previous clients. This site won't be in there of course, but it is another pretty spiffy example. Once you are convinced MonkeyBox is right for your, simply hit up the contact form to request a quote or set up an appointment to discuss your project.

If you want to see some samples of code, I post as much as possible to the @MonkeyBoxTech GitHub account. By all means take a look!